Fan Girl Moment 2 – Dancember 2015!


Never in a million years did I think I’d be featured on Itsjudyslife Vlogs! This is like an early Christmas present!!

My full name along with the amount I donated was featured, but I blurred the details out for privacy reasons.

Please support ‘Dancember 2015’!!! Let us help feed those, for whom good & clean food is a luxury. We spend thousands on clothes & gifts during the Holiday season. Donate a bit of it, as little as $5 or $10 for the less fortunate. Believe me it will make a difference. You can find a link for ‘Dancember 2015’ donation page on my Blog page or here


To find out more about the charity event Dancember 2015, read here.




Fan Girl Moment – Dancember 2015!

After Yesterdays post on Dancember 2015, I posted a support message on Twitter & added a I support Dancember Badge to my Twitter Profile Picture. Look what happened a minute later! Judy actually replied to my message with a ‘Thank You’!!!

See why I love them so much!

Her Tweet really made my day!! It was a complete Fan girl Moment for me! I could do a Happy Dance!!!

On a different note, please Donate to the ‘Dancember 2015’ initiative by visiting Dancembertv. From as little as $5 to as much as you can! Lets help feed the less fortunate!

Lets share our Blessings.



Dancember 2015!!

‘Dancember’ is an initiative undertaken by my favorite YouTubers Judy & Benji Travis of ItsJudysLife! Judy & Benji are daily vloggers from Seattle & have the most amazing family! They vlog about their daily lives, the cute little babies, food & their travels!


I adoreeeeee the cute little baby bears! After a long day of work, watching the little cuties being all adorable is the perfect way to unwind for me! I completely & totally love this family & everything they do! Don’t forget to check out their channel ‘ItsJudysLife’ on Youtube!

Every year they organize ‘Dancember’, an event where they dance it out with friends & family ( which is so much fun to watch!) & in the process raise money for those less fortunate. Last December, they fundraised for a Charity called ‘Rescue Freedom’ that helped victims of Human Trafficking & Sex Slavery. This December they have chosen to work with ‘Convoy of Hope’, a Charity that helps underprivileged kids around the world.

Do check out in the video down below, what the whole ‘Dancember’ this year is all about.

So friends, this Holiday season, let us find it in our hearts to support this wonderful family in their wonderful initiative & donate as much or as little as we can & make a difference in somebody’s life. Let us pass on the blessings that the lord has bestowed so kindly upon us!

Be a blessing in somebody’s life! Visit Dancembertv to donate!!

You can help by sharing this message via Twitter & Facebook & raising awareness about this wonderful initiative!

Your support will help make a difference in someones life!

Visit Dancembertv today to donate!