tumblr_lz9pbqaqo41r8wxgoo1_500Yesterday I was going through some of my old Journals when I came across letters exchanged between me & my friend AK from the time when I was in School.

AK moved to Canada along with her family after our class 7. She was a dear friend & continues to be even today. Before she left, we promised each other that we would keep in touch through letters & we would write to each other as often as we can & we did.

Her letters were something I would really really look forward to & would wait for them to arrive each month.

Receiving that letter, reading about her new life was something that would bring such joy to me! It was like having her around through her writing.

Needless to say , I love Handwritten letters & notes. Part of it is also because there has always been a tradition of Handwritten notes in my family.


When I was around 8, I was going away to spend a few days with my grandparents in another town. It was the first time I was going to be away from my parents. My dad had some work & couldn’t be there to see me off. So he sent a tiny Handwritten note with our driver which read, “Take care Monkey”. ( Ok, now I do not want any comments about the monkey part please lolzz ) Moving on..

When my Grandfather was around, every year on birthdays & during festivals, he would put some money in envelopes & would write little notes on them wishing us joy & Happiness. He would then sign it as Papa (All of us called him that) & would give those envelopes to his children & his grandchildren with his blessings. My Grandma does it now.


When I was at University, living away from home, whenever my mom would send something for me through the mail, she would always attach a little note with sweet words. I still have those handwritten notes. They are very very special to me.

My friend Sheetal would write to me when I was at University as well updating me about her life & asking me about mine. I loved receiving her letters & continue to keep them safe

To me a handwritten Letter or note feels like having a part of that person with you. Forever. It holds true especially now that my Grandpa isn’t around anymore.

When I am sending something to a friend or relative that lives far away, I always write a letter to go with it.

writing_letter_12071260152646This handwritten card/ letter will become a memory that will stay on.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the email is an amazing way to communicate in lightning fast speed but a Handwritten card, a letter, has the human touch,that makes it unique & special.

In this age of technology everything has become really fast, let us slow down for sometime & make time for someone we love. Jot a few lines, share a little everyday story, seal it with love & send it away.

I urge you guys, don’t let the tradition of the Handwritten die. Some old ways need to be kept alive, for our own sake.

This Holiday season send something Handwritten & thoughtful to your loved ones. Make that effort. Pleaseeeeee. Will you??

Let me know your stories about all things ‘Handwritten’. I would love to hear all about it.




Do you believe in the After Life?

I am a firm believer in the after life. I believe our loved ones never truly leave us. They are around, they can see us, hear us, feel our emotions. The only reason we cannot see them is because they live on a dimension that is different from us.

We can’t see the air we breathe in, but we know it is there, it is just like that.

Hinduism, the religion I practice, supports the concept of after life & talks about it in great details. In Hinduism, we also have an entire month called ‘Pitru Paksha’ that is dedicated to our loved ones who have passed on. ‘Pitru Paksha’ can be loosely translated as the ‘Period of those that have departed.’

I recently came across the show Long Island Medium, where Theresa Caputo, who is a medium, channels messages from those departed. She talks about signs & symbols that we get from our departed ones to let us know of their presence. We only have to recognize them.

It is amazing to see the kind of messages she delivers & the kind of healing she brings to people with her gift. If only more people could understand that our loved ones never truly leave us, they will find peace in their heart & lives.

I know I certainly have.

My intention in sharing this video is just that. I just want the people who are grieving to realize that we are the heaven of our loved ones. They are always around us. They never truly leave us.

I just felt guided to share this message. I just hope it reaches those who are in need of it.

Do check out this episode of the Long Island Medium & leave your comments. Do you believe in the after life?

Let me know,



Prayers for Paris


I woke up this morning to news of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. It breaks my heart to see innocent lives lost, time & again.

My country, India, has been at the receiving end of such attacks for quite some time now. India has a first hand experience of the such Terrorist attacks, the dread, the fear among citizens for safety & the loss of innocent lives.

So the situation in Paris is all too familiar.

Its Paris today, India yesterday & the United States the day before & many more countries before that.

Its time the International Community comes together & fights Terrorism in all its forms together. Take firm steps, enough of all talks & no action.

Every human life is precious, Be it in Paris, United States, India, Australia or any other nation in the world. Take steps to safeguard it.

For my followers in Paris, & every other place where a number of French people reside, be please be safe. We feel your pain.

Lets us all pray for Paris together & stand with them in their hour of need.


Image Courtesy – Banksy.