Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil- Medium 3

Hello Everyone,

So here’s the deal, When it comes to my makeup, I invest in very few products. But at the same time I try and make sure that they are the best in the given budget.

So recently, when I decided to step up my brow game, I decided to invest in the best Brow Pencil in the market for me – Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil.

I have to tell you, when deciding on the shade for myself, I did a lot of research. I did not go by the rule book that benefit had put out but Instead I ended up referencing a lot of YouTube tutorials, a lot many blogs & vlogs before finally deciding on the shade Medium. I do like my brows to look as natural as possible, so just wanted to be extra sure. Benefit products are not really that affordable in India, so dint wanna take my chances.

Here is a full review on the Goof Proof Brow Pencil.


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Kapiva Dry Coffee Body Scrub !!


Happy Monday Everyone !! So, Monday mornings require that mandatory coffee!

Although I wish I could personally hand you a cup of coffee to get on with a great week. But I decided to do something different! Bring you a Coffee Scrub instead , so you can have great skin instead!

So, recently I tried using the Kapiva Ayurveda Dry Coffee Body Scrub.

Now, I have to tell you this. I am an absolute coffee addict! The coffee fragrance is just everything to me, So I definitely had a high expectation from it & this product certainly did not disappoint me! It is made from premium quality coffee beans. Plus to add to its goodness, it also has Vitamin E, Glycerin, Coconut Oil to enhance it.

The Scrub is available in dry form, meaning it is powdery in consistency. So to use it you have to use warm water on your face & body first & the rub this one.

The scrub is just perfect in terms of its texture. It does not have the big grainy consistency that certainly walnut scrubs possess that are kinda harmful to the skin.

When you take it off it just leaves your skin all kinds of nourished & freshly clean.

I highly recommend this one!

Price: Rs 499/- for 450 gms.

Check out my video for full review & how I use it.

It is available on Amazon :

Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation Review!

For the Holidays & Parties & Celebrations, I tried out Maybelline’s Super Stay Full Coverage foundation. I wanted something that would stay on for a longer duration & look great in the holiday pictures.

I was recommended this one by a friend of mine who used it & loved it. Did I like it? Here is my review on it! Hope you are having a great time with your friends & family!


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Scholar PU Magnet Notebook Review!

Scholar Stationery is premium quality paper stationery brand in India since 1958. I personally have been using their Notebooks since my school days.

You should know by now that I am an absolute fan of Diaries, Planners & Notebooks. I am always looking out for beautiful ones that are easy to carry around.

So the other day when I came across this cute little Notebook by Scholar Stationery I decided to get it.


The Scholar PU Magnet Notebook is a perfect for taking notes on the go. It comes with a Premium Italian PU Cover which makes it look really good.

The size of the paper sheets used in the Notebook is A6 which is an ideal size for me as it fits comfortably in my handbag.

The Notebook has rounded back & corners & has a magnetic flap for closure. The magnetic flap holds the notebook together & the pages are safe from being crumpled, which is something I always look for in my Notebooks & Planners.


Lets take a look at the pages inside.

The name page
The Notebook is very simple but has some unique features.


The Notebook comes with 192 pages that are ruled. You do not have the option of Blank Pages. But here comes the part that I love. On the top of each page you have a date option which you can put in your self & also next to it you have the day option. You just have to tick the day of the week your are jotting the notes on!

I always wanted this feature in my Notebook. Helps me remember the day I took down a particular note.

The Notebook is relatively inexpensive & costs around 4$ which I think is very less for a notebook of such good quality.


The Price.

The Looks & Quality of the Notebook.

The Date & Day Feature that one has to fill in on ones own.

The size

The Magnetic Flap.


I wish they came up with a Blank Pages version along with the ruled one.

Summing it up

I absolutely love the Notebook. Its Simple, yet looks really great. The Quality of pages is also pretty good. The best thing however is the Price!

Will I recommend it – Absolutely!

Rating – 4.5/5

For Indian Readers – The Scholar PU Notebooks are available on Amazon & Flipkart. You can also visit their website to look at the available color options



Moleskine Classic Notebook Review

After Reviewing The Moleskine Diary/Planner for 2016, It is time to review the Moleskine Classic Notebook.

Moleskine as we all know is world famous for Quality notebooks & planners. They are well loved among writers & Journal lovers alike. I have been wanting them for days & finally this year thanks to Amazons amazing service, I got my hands on both the Diary/Planner & the Classic Notebook.

I am a fan of writing online, it is very easy & convenient , but when it comes to maintaining a Personal Journal, nothing can beat putting pen to paper.

So without further delay, Let us get on with the review!


The Moleskine Classic notebook’s Dimensions are 5 x 8.25 Inches. The one I have is a Soft cover with an Elastic closure & a Book Mark ribbon. You also have the option of Hard Cover.

The Notebook also comes in a variety of colors like Green, Red, Purple among others, but like always I had to go for Black one.

I like to compare the size of a notebook or Planner to other objects, just to get a clear idea about them. So here I am placing the Moleskine Classic Notebook next to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, so as to give you a clear idea of its size.


As you can see, it is about an Inch or Two larger than your average Tablet. So if your bag can hold a Tablet, it can hold the Notebook as well.

The Elastic band that holds the Notebook pages together is a feature I completely love, especially when the Notebook is in my hand bag. The pages do not get crumpled at all, which is great.

The Notebook is covered on the outside by a leaflet Kinda thing, which gives you information about the dimensions of the Notebook , the number of Pages & where it is made.


On the Inside of the same leaflet you will find ideas about personalizing your Notebook. You can cut along the dotted lines to make yourself a Book Mark which says Have a Nice day & Do not Touch.


The Moleskine Classic Notebook has around 192 pages with its corners rounded & the paper is acid free.

Lets take a peek at the Pages now, starting from the Name page.


When it comes to the pages, you have the option of either ruled or Blank ones. I am not a fan of Ruled ( Reminds me of Notebooks I used in School) So I always opt for the Blank version. Its great if you wish to write, doodle or Draw. Blank is full of possibilities, but hey if you like the Ruled version go for it. Whichever works for you.


Right in between the two sides of the Notebook is the bookmark ribbon. You see the purple thing above? I really think it is a great addition.

Another thing I really like when it comes to both Moleskine Diary & Notebooks is this arrangement that the inner back part of the books have. The slot where you can keep those little notes & cards which you find important. Visiting cards, Tiny greeting cards, Travel passes etc. It is so very convenient.


Uses for this Notebook

I think it will make a great Daily Journal.

Also a great option for writers.

A nice notebook for sketching as well( although I think Moleskine has specific notebooks for sketching)

A great notebook for College Students for jotting down Lecture notes too.


The Quality of the Notebook & its Pages.

The Elastic band keeping the pages together. You don’t have to worry about the pages getting crumpled if you put the Notebook in your bag.

The Slot at the back for holding important things.


The Price again like all other Moleskine products!

The number of pages, 192 doesn’t really work for me.

You have to be careful about the kind of pen that you use. There can be feathering if you use the wrong one. ( Note – Moleskine does have a specific pen for their notebooks. Be sure you google for the pens that go well with Moleskine notebooks, there are many articles written about it.)

Summing it up

It is a great Notebook as far as Quality is concerned but I do find the price a bit on the higher side for a Regular Notebook considering you do have relatively inexpensive options with similar quality at a much lower price.

In the end, it all comes to how much you are willing to pay for a notebook.

Will I recommend it – May be.

Rating – 3.5/5

Have you used a Moleskine Notebook before? How do you like them? Let me know in the comments section!


Moleskine Daily Diary/Planner 2016 Review.

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be doing a review of the 2016 Moleskine Daily Diary/Planner. I have been wanting to get my hands on this tiny little planner for so long! Moleskine is  a brand that is famous worldwide for its Quality notebooks & planners. It is popular among the Planner/Journal lovers of the You Tubers community. After seeing so many reviews on them, I had to try it out for myself! This year thanks to Amazon India’s amazing service, I finally managed to get my hands on it.

So let’s get on with the Review!


The Moleskine Diary/Planner that I have is a 12M, Extra Small, with the Dimensions of 6.5 x 10.5  centimeters. It has a hard cover with elastic closure & Bookmark ribbon. The best part is, it is available in many colors from Red to Green, Blue to Purple & of course the classic Black.So of course I chose the Black one! I always get the Black ones & then personalize it the way I want to.

My very first reaction when I saw the planner was – ‘Oh My God! This is soooo cute & so tiny!’

Now, I did read about the dimensions when I ordered it, but once you actually have it in your hand, you actually realize how small it really is! Somehow I never found pictures of it online, in comparison to some other object, to completely grasp how small it is. So, for your convenience I have placed it next to my Blackberry phone, so that you really get the right idea of its size!


See how tiny it is! If your phone fits in your pocket, this planner certainly will!

The planner has on its outer side a leaflet kind thingy covering it which gives you information about that particular planner.


On the inside of that leaflet you have the 2016 Date & Day Calendar.


This Molekine daily planner has around 400 pages.

Take a look at the first few pages from the planner!


This follows the introductory page – A quick view of the entire year from January to December. Perfect place to jot down birthdays! Especially if like me you are really bad with dates.


After the monthly overview section you have a page for each day, dated from January 2016 to December 2016.

You have the option of opting for either ruled or blank version of pages. Personally I prefer the blank ones. They give me the freedom to utilize the space the way I want to. Whether it is Writing, drawing or just doodling.

(Note –  Make sure to choose the version you prefer especially if you are buying this online, so you don’t end up getting the ruled if you wanted the Blank one).


The one feature I really think is amazing about all the Moleskine Notebooks/Journals, is the arrangement on the inner part of the back. A little slot where you can keep things like Visiting cards, Travel passes, Bus Tickets etc. It is so very convenient!


Uses for this Planner/Diary

This tiny planner is perfect for a Gratitude Journal ( Jotting down 5 things a day that you are grateful for).

It is also great as a Editorial Diary for Bloggers especially if you schedule your posts.You can also use this planner to jot down ideas you have during the day for the upcoming blogs.

It is also a great planner to have on you while traveling, especially to note down your daily expenses or names of places you’ve visited during that particular day.


The size! It is so compact, almost the size of your phone ( In some cases smaller too! I am talking to you, you giant phone screen users ;)) It fits anywhere. Takes very little space. Perfect for jotting things down on the go!

The Quality of the Planner is really good & the pages seem really smooth to write on.

I especially love the provision of the elastic band & the ribbon that holds the planner together. I just put the planner in my bag & the pages still remain secure in place.


The Price! It is slightly expensive like any other Moleskine product!

You need to be careful about the pen you use to write with. Sometimes, there can be a little feathering. (Note -There are a number of articles on which are the pens that go best with the Moleskine Notebooks & Planners. Make sure you go through them before you begin writing)

In the end it all comes down to whether the Planner caters to your needs & the kind of money you are willing to spend on a planner.

Personally, I will recommend it.

Rating – 4/5 .

Have you used a Moleskine before? Do you like them? What pens do you use when writing on them? I would love to hear from you!