Kapiva Dry Coffee Body Scrub !!


Happy Monday Everyone !! So, Monday mornings require that mandatory coffee!

Although I wish I could personally hand you a cup of coffee to get on with a great week. But I decided to do something different! Bring you a Coffee Scrub instead , so you can have great skin instead!

So, recently I tried using the Kapiva Ayurveda Dry Coffee Body Scrub.

Now, I have to tell you this. I am an absolute coffee addict! The coffee fragrance is just everything to me, So I definitely had a high expectation from it & this product certainly did not disappoint me! It is made from premium quality coffee beans. Plus to add to its goodness, it also has Vitamin E, Glycerin, Coconut Oil to enhance it.

The Scrub is available in dry form, meaning it is powdery in consistency. So to use it you have to use warm water on your face & body first & the rub this one.

The scrub is just perfect in terms of its texture. It does not have the big grainy consistency that certainly walnut scrubs possess that are kinda harmful to the skin.

When you take it off it just leaves your skin all kinds of nourished & freshly clean.

I highly recommend this one!

Price: Rs 499/- for 450 gms.

Check out my video for full review & how I use it.

It is available on Amazon : https://amzn.to/2VDEXFS


Taking the Olay 28 days Challenge #Not-sponsored

The first time that I came across this Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream was when Judy Travis, my favourite Beauty Guru spoke about this product on her channel. She swears by this cream & is seen using it regularly in her skincare videos.

Her skin is just so so amazing & looks really healthy. Besides, to be honest, it was really time I started getting into an anti-ageing skincare regimen ( I do dislike the term anti-ageing, since ageing is a natural process )

So, I did get this cream & have started using this religiously since the last week or so along with the Olay eye cream.

My major skin concerns at the beginning of this challenge – Laugh lines owing to my chronically dry skin & open pores.

My hopes- This cream turns out to as effective as it was on Judy & every other blogger on the planet & write back positively after 28 days of using this to you guys about my experience with Olay

To all the beauties who have already tried the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream, I would love to hear your experience! Please do leave a comment down below! I’d really appreciate it!

Much love,

Arpita xo