Clovia Sale Haul

Hello my friends,

So Clovia is currently having a huge sale on their website. I absolutely love the quality of their products, but I am the biggest fan of Clovia’s transparent returns policy.

When it comes to shopping for Nightwear & Lingerie online, returns can be an issue with some sites, with these products fittings are super important & hence the importance of returns policies. It is because of this reason that Clovia is always my preferred shopping destination. Right now, because of the Sale, Some of their products are almost at a 50% off. Check their website out here :

Also get 10% off using my code : CLGT10AT

So, This time around I got a lot of nightwear & Accessories! Satin is like my favourite in Nightwear & I did get some good deals on it. It just looks really good, make sure to check out what I got.

Sharing it here with you guys

Let me know which one was your favourite!




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